Solarium: bed and shower

UWE P90: fifteen high-pressure generators in three wings and 20 160-meter LeXtra lamps that produce a FirstClass in the bed. The air-conditioned bed and fresh air with aroma, accompanied by progressive sequential Breeze, guarantee a true "beach feeling". The solar shower: the low pressure vertical bronzes are those that more closely imitate the sun exposure: this happens because a system of fluorescent tubes emits ultraviolet rays in a uniform and measured way. The effects are the same as a 4/5 hour sun exposure but with greater safety and better protection of your skin.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Save money with our solarium pass (valid for shower and bed): 50 minutes 35 €, 80 minutes 55 €, 100 minutes 65 €, 150 minutes 85 €.

PROMOTION: Monday and Wednesday, 12 minutes for only € 5!

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